Challenge Strada Bianca Pro Tire


Challenge Strada Bianca Pro Tire


A wide, smooth tire for any road.

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The Strada Bianca takes its name from the Strade Bianche and the fine white gravel roads it's routed along. It's a road tread, but wider. The additional air volume allows for a lower operating pressure, giving lower rolling resistance on the rough, better comfort, and more grip. Of course, that's not to say it's slow on the pavement - there are no knobs to slow you down. It's a versatile tire, equally at home on the road and off.

What is a Handmade Clincher?

Most tires are molded and pressed to vulcanize (bind) the rubber. Though it's a very efficient manufacturing method, the heat toughens the rubber and casing, which in turn compromises ride quality. Handmade tires are not vulcanized - instead the tread is glued directly to the casing, which is then folded and glued over aramid fibers to create a bead. The resulting tire is much more supple, and though more difficult to mount on the rim initially it stretches over the tube and gives unparalleled ride quality. Additionally, challenge tires use natural rubber for the treads, which is much softer for better and more predictable traction.


  • Diameter: 700c (ISO 622)
    • Width: 36mm
  • Casing: Superpoly, Tan
  • TPI: 260
  • Weight: 375g
  • Recommended Pressure: 45-90psi