Custom Wheel Building

There’s a certain magic in having just the right wheel. It suits the bike and the rider. We want to help you find that balance. All the best custom builds are the result of a conversation between rider and builder, so shoot us an email and let’s get started! We’ll get back to you in 24-48 hours.

Hub Service

Things feeling a little crunchy? Not quite as smooth as they once were? We can get your hubs back to factory new or better. Basic services include cleaning and lubrication, while full overhauls involve complete disassembly, cleaning, and replacement of all worn parts. Let us have a look and get you rolling smoothly again.

Spoke Cutting

Do you build your own wheels? Are you a shop looking to cut down on inventory? We can cut spokes to any length (to 0.5mm) with no minimums and extremely fast turnarounds.

Custom Graphics

If the stock look on your rims is bumming you out, we can provide custom vinyl decals to replace them. Perfect for adding a pop of color or a bit of flair.


Base labor rates

Hub Service

Starting at $20/hub

Ultrasonic cleaning standard

Parts not included

wheel build

spoke cutting

Included with all spoke purchases

$0.10/spoke for customer-provided spokes

$5 minimum

Starting at $50/wheel

All parts measured and spokes cut to length

Built true and guaranteed to stay true

custom graphics

Price varies with design complexity - email for quote

Contract Building

If your shop is looking for an alternative to the usual machine-built replacement wheels, we can provide a high-quality alternative with a good margin. We also offer contract building services with pickup and drop-off included. Let our efficiency work for you - we build the wheels, you do everything else. Send us an email for rate information.