Carbon is Here

For a while now, I've enjoyed riding on carbon wheels. At first they were aesthetic - I wanted depth to the rims to match the frame, but didn't want to haul around the weight of aluminum. But as I started experimenting with rims, I learned that there's so much to offer besides weight reduction. You can get road rims that are mind-boggling in width, affording a plush ride on race tires. Or if you're fast enough, you can gain a substantial aero advantage. I'm not that fast, but I adore them for their stiffness. The crisp response and mind-boggling grip on turn-in of a wide, stiff rim laced to a wide-flange front hub is something you have to ride to truly understand. And to be able to run a wide, seep, stiff rim that weighs as much as a standard double-wall alloy rim? Magic. I built a lot with carbon, and I learned its traits.