Stayin' Alive

Hey there.

I'm still alive, and still about. Very much so. I'm off the ice, and enjoying some decompression after a 13-month contract. New Zealand is really wonderful for that. I have many more stories to share, which I will at some point. But I'm still very burnt out, and need time. So I'm hanging around Christchurch while I wait for a new passport (long story) and burning many rolls of film around town. Over the next few weeks, you'll see more from me. I promise. But for now, suffice to know that I'm still alive and shooting.

Not me. I wish I was as cool as that guy.

So from the, land of positive temperatures, I'll be back soon.

Editing the Aurora

Generally, I like to limit my photo editing. I like that my camera captures a little slice of reality. However, when it comes to the aurora, the camera distorts reality somewhat as it is. All but the brightest aurora are visible to the naked eye as a faint green smudge. Most of the time, you'd miss them outright. But the camera, by virtue of being an integrating sensor, records detail I could never see. Imagine the header picture five stops underexposed, and that's what I saw when setting up. Composition is a guess. Because of this, I like to take more liberty with my editing of the night sky in an effort to bring it out and make it everything the sensor can see. Here's how I do it.