The Farewell Aurora

It's not very often that I drop what I'm doing, grab my camera, and head outside. But today, when I saw the aurora webcam that displays in the galley light up, that's what I did.

While hurrying to put on my hat and mittens, I ran into Robert in the coat room, stuffing a small studio worth of cameras into his coat. "This is kind of our farewell aurora, I guess," he said. And he's not wrong. Although we'll have more auroras, this may well be the last truly spectacular display we get.

The horizon is starting to show a faint glow, and the moon will be up tomorrow. By the time it goes back down, the sky won't be very dark anymore.

I guess I'll have to come back again if I want more.

Oh well.

Jeremy Bloyd-Peshkin

Machinist, Welder, Driver, Adventurer, Mechanic, Always smells like something flammable.