Stayin' Alive

Hey there.

I'm still alive, and still about. Very much so. I'm off the ice, and enjoying some decompression after a 13-month contract. New Zealand is really wonderful for that. I have many more stories to share, which I will at some point. But I'm still very burnt out, and need time. So I'm hanging around Christchurch while I wait for a new passport (long story) and burning many rolls of film around town. Over the next few weeks, you'll see more from me. I promise. But for now, suffice to know that I'm still alive and shooting.

Not me. I wish I was as cool as that guy.

So from the, land of positive temperatures, I'll be back soon.

Jeremy Bloyd-Peshkin

Machinist, Welder, Driver, Adventurer, Mechanic, Always smells like something flammable.