New Product Party


Though the blog has been quiet, I haven't been idle. It's been a wonderful season, but now that it's cold I finally have time to work on new ideas and new products. There's a lot coming to this website for the next season, but in the mean time here's a handy listing of new things we're offering!

Challenge Tires

I've been riding Challenge's clinchers and tubulars for cyclocross and gravel, and they're far and away my favorite. So I stock them now. I've got a limited selection in the store (though more are coming in all the time), but I can special order anything from their rather extensive catalog. Give it a look!

Velocity Rims

Velocity makes all their rims just across the lake in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They offer a wide selection, from box-section rims for commuting to incredibly strong and light road rims, and a whole lot in between. They're my go-to for alloy rims, and I'm looking forward to using them more often going forward.

SwissStop Brake Pads

It turns out these are kind of hard to find, which is a shame since they're the only pads I'll run on carbon rims. So I'm importing them now. From outstanding carbon rim brake compounds to a wide selection of compounds and shapes for disc brakes, SwissStop has you covered to stop with confidence no matter the conditions. I'm slowly adding more shapes and compounds to the store, but if you don't see what you need have a look through their catalog and let me know what you want.

Lastly, though the bulk of my work is custom and made to order, I'm always working to expand my selection of stock offerings. Stay tuned for some pretty outstanding new products to hit the store next season.

'Til then, enjoy the winter and ride outside!

Carbon is Here

For a while now, I've enjoyed riding on carbon wheels. At first they were aesthetic - I wanted depth to the rims to match the frame, but didn't want to haul around the weight of aluminum. But as I started experimenting with rims, I learned that there's so much to offer besides weight reduction. You can get road rims that are mind-boggling in width, affording a plush ride on race tires. Or if you're fast enough, you can gain a substantial aero advantage. I'm not that fast, but I adore them for their stiffness. The crisp response and mind-boggling grip on turn-in of a wide, stiff rim laced to a wide-flange front hub is something you have to ride to truly understand. And to be able to run a wide, seep, stiff rim that weighs as much as a standard double-wall alloy rim? Magic. I built a lot with carbon, and I learned its traits.

A Fresh Start

Ulterior Motors started off years ago as a joke and a personal blog. I bounced around a lot, and it languished. But over time when I was working in different positions, I slowly came to realize that I needed to branch out and do my own thing. I started offering freelance machining and fabrication services, and branched out into helping local cyclists solve their own unique problems. It got hard to manage as it grew, and so I took the leap of making a company of it. That company is Ulterior Motors.

If you've got an idea, I'm here for you. If you have a problem, I'm here. If you need wheels, a frame, a crank... I'm here.

Bring it.